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Watermark is an industrial cleaning service provider that offers a variety of cleaning services across many industries including Petrochemical, Refining, Pulp & Paper, and the Steel Industry. Industrial cleaning services are an important and necessary service that aids customers in maintaining the safety and integrity of their equipment, optimizes production, and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

Watermark's mission is to provide customers with the finest level of service available in the industry. We exist to attract and maintain customers who need total facility management support and industrial cleaning services at lower costs.  When we adhere to this standard, everything else will fall into place. Our services regularly exceed the expectations of our customers through the use of environmentally-sound cleaning methods that follow the health and safety procedures necessary to ensure a hazard-free work environment.

Headquartered in Longview, TX, Watermark Industrial Services is a private, locally owned business. Watermark's employees have a long history of experience and knowledge in the industry. 

Our company vision is based on respect and pride for both ourselves and the company; a common honesty and integrity that is expected of people of business, and a dedication to continuous growth and improvement through innovation. If you need the services of a licensed, professional cleaning service company in the East Texas area, contact Watermark today.

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